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BE AWARE: Secret Santa Events (Updated)
Edit: It is confirmed the person we were drawing for is the moderator.
Currently I'm a little tired and stressed to put all evidence in this journal. For full info read the comments below this journal and these:

My purpose is not to ruin the group, but simply having the moderator admit or prove I'm wrong.
Though in the end it's your, the reader's choice to judge.
I never realized this sooner, but apparently I got cheated in a Secret Santa event from this group :iconsantas-harem:
In case people don't know what this event is, I explain it shortly. 
You sign up for for an exchange event, like Secret Santa which is yearly around christmas, with a wishlist about what kind of artwork you want.
The moderators will partner u
:iconpinlin:Pinlin 46 195
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Request : NO
Art trade & Collab : Only closed friends. Sorry.
Commission : OPEN

Read my FAQ before asking
Icon made by riicu



Price: $35/3500:points:

CM: Lineplay by NIEKAORI


PRICE: $10/1000:points:

Da65668c-096a-40ac-9e04-ef4fa9887f39 by NIEKAORI



Price: $45/4500:points:

R: Dollie Rosecore by NIEKAORI 


PRICE: $11/1100:points:

Untitled by NIEKAORI


+ Additional character in the same artwork will be charge 50% of the original price
+ Background: Transparent/Simple - Free ; Moderate/Complex - $5 - $15


✔ Male/Female (I prefer Female more), Moderate BL/GL, Light eechi
 ✘ Muscular characters, Elderly characters, Animals, Mecha, Porn, Furry, Semi-Realistic, Heavy BL/GL, NSFW


✦ Only for Paypal payment (Including fee) and dA points. Bank-in payment also acceptable for Malaysians (Payment will be based on USD-MYR currency exchange). No refunds.

✦ Please provide references in colour. Provide me if there's any details you would like me to draw, such as pose, facial expression, etc. Additional charges for complex background.

✦ Commission will be start once the 50% of the payment has been done. The draft or sketch will be sent through PM(note/email) if any changes needed. Limit of changes is for 1 time only. No changes will be entertained after that.

✦ Estimation time for completion around a month or earlier depending on my RL workload. If you need the commission art urgently, please notify me.

✦ The unwatermarked commission will be sent via note/email. All commissions will be uploaded on dA, and, if you don't want me to, please let me know.

✦ This commission is only for personal use only. Please do not use them for any commercial purposes.

✦ If interested, contact via note/comment and include:
Paypal Email
Facial/pose details
Background (basic colors/etc)
Do you need it ASAP? (Yes/No)


- Lumavah, CG Waist-up (Paid Half)
- Hortensia-L,  2x Chibi
- Tan @ FB, Chibi (Paid Full)
- Zen Adami @ FB, 2x Chibi
- BluBlazeFire0, Sketch Waist-up
- RosaBunny; CG Waist-up; Sketch Waist up

C: SNOWMIKU 2019 -Deer Princess-
For SnowMiku contest 2019

My subsmission @ Piapro :

:iconpapmingplz: What are details even
Thanks athilove101 for suggesting GIF for this djkshjdskahdk istg idk which to choose between both full art crais
Taking break for a while, to heal up my bronchitis :'3 so I'm pausing commission for a while 
BH: Kriegerin

The group is open for members! :iconureshiiplz: Be sure to check out both factions especially Dreamcatchers//NO!
Also ey, first digital art submission of 2018! :3cc and it's my potato daughter aka the Dreamcatcher leader, Millie! :iconallthegloryplz: Mama Millie welcomes all kiddosssss ///NORLYSHESDESPERATE
BH: Millie Schutte






Millie Schütte


  • Birthday:
        August 1 (Leo)

  • Sex:
  • Pronouns:

  • Height:
        170cm || 5'7"
  • Weight:
        65kg || 143lbs


Leader - Codename: Veteran/Kriegerin

Insignia & Colour:
Used to have a shape but due to contract breach, her insignia is a mess of knots and random unmatched strings, Buttermilk yellow (246, 222, 162 - #F6DEA2


Stat Point Distribution: || 40 Points ||

10 Strength
8 Dexterity
4 Intellect
9 Vitality
9 Luck

Main Primary Weapons: Millie's main weapons are her own fists and legs, as she is confident with her own melee abilities. Quick on her feet and a hard-hitter, she can handle herself well without anything in her palms. Her punches and kicks are akin to bricks, capable of snapping limbs if she's got a good enough aim. Millie is solely a close-combatant when not using any weapons, and due to this has a somewhat difficult time with too many, as well as ranged, opponents.
1. Unleash - Classified
Main Secondary Weapons: Millie's secondary weapons are various Sign Posts, with her usual one having an engraving of a skull. Most, if not all, of these poles are stolen and she typically just uses them to swing like a normal bat or throw them as if they were javelins. Due to her immense strength, getting a hit with these can further render instantaneous broken bones just as her fists do. They're not the most technological weapons out there, but they get the job done and that's what matters most.
Sub Secondary Weapons: Millie's other secondary weapons are titanium chains. Using them to tie down and lasso others, they are typically used more to distract or secure more than make damage. 
1. Catch: Ability to tie down and secure an opponent depending on a successful coinflip, with opponents being trapped up to 3 turns and rendering the opponent unable to attack. A tails renders release. Can't be used in succession.
2. Growth: Ability to extend her chains up to 20 metres in length.

Millie is an aggressive fighter who isn't afraid to get up close and personal to her opponents. Running on instinct, she is a strike first, think later type of individual, and she strikes hard. Holding immense strength along with considerably high stats in most of her other categories, Millie is an extremely difficult opponent to face. The type to create battle techniques on the spot, her battle prowess is extremely high and her inability to give up easily makes her come back to attack again and again. 

However, her weakness lies in the inability to concentrate on too many things and planning well-thought out strategies. As her main weapons are her own body, she is usually a close-combatant and tends to only focus on one opponent. As she fails to plan, her logic is misunderstandable and as she's a more impulsive type, she is prone to selfish decisions in battles that can be detrimental for others around her. Millie is also the type to blow off those she deems as weak or uninteresting, only intending to focus on opponents worth her attention. 


1. Extremely strong and able to lift heavy objects up to 200KG
2. Able to break stuff like hard walls with just a fist
3. Overall high stats in most categories she is a force to be reckoned with

1. Has a difficulty concentrating just in general
2. Very impromptu and very unlikely to stick to a plan
3. Is a selfish person which can put others in bad positions


Bullet; Green POSITIVE Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Red NEGATIVE Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Blue MBTI: INTP-T  Bullet; Blue 

Millie is a courageous and independent individual who is fearless of anyone she approaches, may they be friend or foe. While observed as looking lazy, Millie is actually an extremely hardworking person when it comes to her own interests (such as housecleaning and cooking duties), pushing herself to become her best. Millie is also an outspoken person; while her blunt words may be called insensitive by a few, Millie believes in honesty being the best policy, especially speaking up if she finds something wrong in a situation. Despite her initially brash and deterrent attitude to others, she is also willing to step up and watch over others in discreet manners. To those able to get close to her, Millie becomes a truly loyal friend, willing to stay by your side (akin to a dog).

Millie's flaws however seem to cover her good-natured self to others most of the time. Not the best leader, she is cold, distrustful and uncaring to strangers, and due to her past, pushes away anyone who tries to get close to her for no particular reason. Her independence often slips to selfishness, favouring working alone or only with someone she trusts. However even then, whenever she's in situations that don't interest her, she pushes most of her responsibilities onto her partner, not taking things seriously. Although reprimanded for this stubborn attitude of hers, she continues to ignore complaints and sticks to her ideals. Millie is also short-tempered, believing immediate actions than planning give the best results. She isn't the type to accept whenever things don't go her way, becoming loud and aggressive, almost like a child. Finally, due to having dropped out of school so early, she is a bit of a dense individual, needing further explanations for things.
|| 295 words


Bullet; Green LIKES Bullet; Green 
  • Her fiance (Probably deceased)
        They were her first and only. It was hard for her to move on after the tragedy bestowed to them and their sibling. She still has their proposal ring with her, kept as a necklace.
  • Anything related to culinary arts
        Despite her wild behaviour, she is pretty skillful at cooking. She was inspired by one of the chefs she admired and wished to be like them. She's also working at a 4-star restaurant as a waitress, but at times, she would voluntarily help out as a sous chef.  
  • Challenges, fighting and workouts
        Challenges & fighting to her are entertainment. She is quite an athlete herself, although she never showed it during her school years.   
  • Animals
    Despite her horrible attitude, Millie has a soft heart for animals. She has a pet cat named Pepper and she adores him very much.
  • Taking it easy 
        She is the type to love relaxing and honestly if she could, she would want for everything to be easy-going.
Bullet; Red DISLIKES Bullet; Red 
  • Her family
        They took her for granted and she threw them away.
  • People who try hard to be close to her for no specific reason 
        She just isn't up for "ice-breaking" sessions unless they literally mean breaking actual ice blocks.
  • People in general
        Millie @ just done with people in general. She stays closer to those who she trusts and understands her more. Millie dislikes people who would approach her for no reason and if they do, she'll be salty or force them away.
  • Food wastage
    Millie is easily triggered by anyone who wastes their food or is just too greedy in general.
  • Button
       Our very own DC manager. Somehow somewhat, Millie feels a little odd about her manager. Along with not listening to most of anything she says, she tries to back away a little when interacting with her. 


    "Sit down kiddo. Ok so, the story goes something like this."

|| 11 Words





"Yeah I guess these guys are alright?"

Penny: Sub-leader, close friend - “Hurt her and ISTG I’ll pull ya spine out”
Someone (probably the only one) who she puts all her trust into. They've been together since their first days of becoming Dreamcatchers. Millie pays no attention to Penny’s wild side, she's gotten used to it anyway//NOO// Although, she's noticed a spark in Penny's eyes and has no clue what it means. #ITMEANSDOKIDOKIMOMENTSUNUGGET
Button: Manager - "EY YO BUTT-ON"
She doesn't usually listen to her much and she doesn't exactly get why she was chosen to be part of the faction to be honest. Also, Millie has this weird feeling about Button that she doesn't know how to describe.


"Move it, kid."



Milja: Ugh - "Everytime I look at her, she just...irks me."
XanderTrash - "Mistress this- Mistress that- He really should change his name to trashcan."


  • No pain, no gain
        Millie's life motto to be honest. She's lived on her own since the age of 16 and went through ups and downs throughout her solo years. This resulted in the child able to handle things on her own and having trust issues with anyone who are strangers.  
  • Family
        Millie has a very disappointing family background that she disowned her own family and went to live on her own at the young age of 16. She had to drop school and raise money on her own. 
  • Netflix & Chill
       If there's no missions or enemy threats, Millie would stay at home chilling or cleaning up the house. She also enjoys wasting time on Penny's comics not doujinshis and hangs out with Penny over evening snack breaks.  
  • Pet
      She has a pet black cat named Blackpepper, but she usually calls him Pepper. A Bombay breed cat, he's a very loyal and calm pet. He likes to hang out with Penny's pet dog Muffin and they seem to be very close to one another.

  • Inconsistent body resistance to temperature
       At times Millie would zip up her sweaters and put on hoodies while her hands are kept inside the sweaters due to suddenly feeling cold and at random times, Millie would just unzip everything (except for her pants LOL pls). She easily get sweaty due to workouts and you don't wanna smell that, would you? ///NOOOO
  • Semi-available / taken?
       She was engaged to someone who also used to be her teacher. They died without her presence and it still haunts Millie till now. She may or may not be open for new relationships but good luck making her doki doki at you since she hates people in general or unless you're close to her


Timezone: GMT 8+ (Might reply late due to work and RL stuff)
Find me @
  • Discord, Google Docs



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